Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut. . .

I haven’t always enjoyed nuts.   As a child my siblings taught me to pick the nuts out of things, but once I started truly tasting the nuts I found I actually like them.

I have learned a couple of things about nuts I want to share with you.

#1 Nuts are a good source of protein.

#2 They can easily travel in trail mixes and on their own for snacking.

#3 Store raw nuts in the freezer if you plan on keeping them a long time.

#4 Raw nuts are healthier than roasted nuts.

#5 Sometimes you need a roasted nut anyway.  Let’s face it.  They are just good!

Broccoli Cheese Buns

These buns can be made from any bread dough recipe. One loaf of bread dough is enough to cover all the filling. Either make up a batch in your bread machine or set aside one loaf worth when baking your families favorite.
My “freeze dried” filling was inspired by a filling made by The Pampered Chef. My thanks to the Chef! Continue reading

Chopped Broccoli

One of the first freeze dried veggies I ever tried was Broccoli.  I loved it so much, I soon found myself owning at least a dozen #10 cans.  It easily works in all sorts of casseroles and soups.  It can carry a pretty high price, but it frequently goes on sale in bulk orders.  Just watch the group sales and deals to find the best price.

Salsa Egg Bake

Although this recipe doesn’t actually call for Salsa “inside” it. I feel it is a must to be served with it. This makes it a winner on our table. The littler mouths can eat it with ketchup if they think my latest version of salsa is too hot and I can still have the spice of salsa on mine! Continue reading

I Vote for Salsa

This month I pick Salsa to cook with.  Now I know that salsa and November probably don’t usually go together, but with my current pregnancy, salsa is one of my favorite ingredients. I thought it would only last for a trimester or so, but it is still so present that my husband is starting to wonder if there are any other condiments in our kitchen.

I hope you enjoy these.  They are some of my favorites.