Maple Doughnuts

The bakery in my hometown makes the most delicious maple bars! So of course I had to figure out how to make them myself. After several tries, I opted for doughnuts over bars simply because it was hard to get the insides of the bars cooked without burning the outsides. We also opted for a little healthier, half-wheat version of the dough that is light enough my kids weren’t sure it had wheat in it! The maple glaze was the tricky part. Several pounds of powdered sugar later I was finally satisfied. Now I can have a bit of heaven no matter where we live! –Mellyn

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Parmesan Cheese Rolls or Bowls

Our family loves soup, and one of our favorite ways to eat it is in bread bowls. No rocket science here — I just took our favorite white bread and added Parmesan cheese. (Robin gave me that idea since she makes yummy bread bowls with Parmesan in them!) It makes more than a traditional single-loaf recipe, which is perfect for my family who loves to use them as bowls, rolls, buns or whatever else they can think of. –Mellyn

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Blueberry Sweet Rolls

I adore bread — whether it’s a honey wheat loaf, garlic breadsticks or doughnuts. But even in the bread category, I have my favorites – and sweet rolls definitely top the list. These blueberry rolls are mildly sweet without being overpowering. Soft and delicious, they satisfy my need for comfort food every time! –Mellyn

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Brazilian Sweet Rolls

–Patricia R.

My dear friend, Valeria, first introduced me to this sweet bread when our family lived in South Florida. She says you can tell it’s a Brazilian recipe because of the sweetened condensed milk — a Brazilian favorite. The fact that it only requires a few ingredients makes it one of my favorites, too! We love these served warm at breakfast time. –Mellyn Continue reading

Butterhorn Rolls

From Kristie Hansen

Kristie shared her original recipe with our family over 12 years ago, and we’ve been on a “roll” ever since! Light and delicious, these family favorites are a must at Easter, Christmas and every other special occasion during the year. Of course they had to be adapted for our food storage plan! This recipe is the real reason I store powdered eggs…and extra butter in the back of my fridge! –Mellyn  Continue reading

Pizza Pockets

For years I used a different dough for my pizza pockets. It called for shortening, eggs and a double rise. When my oldest daughter began cooking, she started substituting this french bread for our usual pizza dough. Not only is it more food storage friendly, but it also takes less time to prepare!

When this was one of my 19 meals, I stored the pepperoni for it in my freezer, along with as much mozzarella cheese as I could manage. Aside from filling my food storage requirement, it meant we were ready for a party at any given moment! Recently, however, I’ve been simplifying my 19. I realized that the pepperoni and cheese don’t add a lot of nutrition, but they sure did add cost and take up a lot of freezer space. Now for my 19, I store breadsticks and sauce –which I’ll post tomorrow! But we still LOVE these pizza pockets!–Mellyn

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French Bread


–From Julie L.

This is a fail- proof recipe that promises to delight with every bite! It’s soft, fluffy and melts in your mouth like only white bread can.Smothered in butter we could devour a loaf in just minutes! I use it for pizza crust and awesome sandwich rings –just make a long dough “snake” and wrap it around the edges of your pizza pan. The leftovers nearly always end up as French toast!

Yield: about 20 slices/loaf

  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon salt
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 2 1/2 cups water — very warm
  • 2 cups flour
  • 3 Tablespoons yeast
  • 6 cups flour
  1. Combine sugar, salt, oil, water, flour and yeast in order.
  2. Slowly begin adding the remaining 6 cups of flour, you may need less.
  3. Dough should begin to form a ball and scrape the sides of the bowl, not stick to it.
  4. Let rise until double. (I’ve varied this from 20 minutes, to the recommended 1 hour with good results!)
  5. Form into 2 big loaves. Flatten dough into a rectangle, roll it up and lay it on the pan, seam side down. Cut slits in the top every 2-3 inches.
  6. Place loaves on a big cookie sheet.
  7. Cover and let rise for 20-30 minutes.
  8. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
  9. Rub top with butter, if desired.

Montana Wheat Bread

This is my latest, greatest and favorite wheat bread recipe ever — in large part because it’s so fast –from grinder to table in under 2 hours! It’s got a slightly sweet flavor and a soft, pliable texture (bakers call this the crumb!) that can easily be thin sliced for sandwiches without falling apart. –Mellyn

Honey Wheat Bread that melts in your mouth