Who are we?

Just like our name, we’re a couple of real women who are totally into food storage! No, we don’t always eat wheat. And yes, our kids love Cheetos! We try to present a varied diet for our families, while rotating and using ingredients we’ve stored for those just-in-case emergencies.

There are about a hundred different ways to structure your food storage plan. But no matter which method you choose, planning ahead of time what to do with your storage is essential. I mean, really, what ARE you going to do with the 20 buckets of wheat taking up residence in your basement? Chewing on wheat kernels may sustain life, but it will get old fast!

When I began food storaging (is that actually a word?!), I diligently acquired basics. But I was troubled by the idea that someday I might actually have to put my food storage where my mouth was– and dry beans and dry milk powder sure didn’t sound very appetizing! Fortunately, about that time Robin and I learned about 19X19.

So how do WE do it? We choose 19 meals our families like to eat that store easily and store each of them 19 times. (that’s 361 meals, for those of us who can’t multiply in our heads!).

Over the last 6 years we’ve had loads of fun modifying family favorites into food storage favorites. We’ve created Real Women Store Grub not only to share our recipes and information with you, but also as a place for you to share your discoveries! We’ll feature a new ingredient each week, and share some of our favorite recipes that use it.

We hope you’ll print, copy, share and link to our site, but ask that you please don’t cut and paste our recipes onto your own site (without giving us the credit!) or publish our information without permission. And we’ll return the favor — recipes you submit to our site may be printed or copied for personal use, but we won’t steal them and call them our own.

Bon Appetit!

3 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Do you have any ideas for Gluten free, wheat free food storage and meals, recipes? Not too great on beans.

    Thank you,

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