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7 thoughts on “Follow

  1. This is awesome ladies! We’ve been trying to get a better handle on our food storage and I love the 19X19 idea. I will say that after leaving Florida and encountering a hurricane in New Jersey it was nice to already be prepared again. It also made us realize we need to go through our 72 hour kit more often though.

  2. Great approach, solid basics, practical, down to earth, “real” and easily understood. I remember hauling 33.3 pound silver tin cans of wheat around the country. Keep up the good work and much success in your new venture.
    Gary, Sr.

  3. Thank you ladies for making food look so easy to deal with!!!! any ideas for the wheat intolerant beginner grub storer???????

    • Hi Anna,
      I’d suggest starting with beans and rice…at your local LDS cannery. They’re both pretty cheap, extremely versatile and will sustain life in an emergency! As far as other options, I’m actually beginning to work on alternative grains now — couscous (actually a pasta?), amaranth, quinoa…and probably some others I haven’t heard of yet. If anyone has suggestions or input on this, I’d love to hear it!
      Mellyn :)

  4. I am excited to be able to view your informative site. I would like to know more about bean flours since there seems to be a wide range of concerns related to gastric disorders, especially with raw kidney beans. I have Rita Bingham’s book, “Country Beans” and want to incorporate more beans into our foods. Bean flours appear to be a painless way to do so or so I thought at first. — Thanks for any info you can provide.

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