Beans and Rice

I tried off and on for years to make something we considered edible in the beans and rice category, and failed miserably every time. But when our family lived in Florida, a friend from the Dominican Republic came over and taught me to make her black beans and rice, along with a delicious chicken. Slowly, her recipe morphed into one that is totally shelf stable and our family loves it!  –Mellyn Continue reading

Rachel Rolls

Years ago I had a sandwich in a deli shop that they called “Rachel.” It was so good I inquired what was in it. They explained that it was simply a Reuben without sauerkraut. Now whenever I see a Reuben on the menu in a restaurant I order myself one “Rachel style.” If you love canned sauerkraut and want to food storage it, you could add it, just drain and squeeze dry. As for me – I prefer “Rachels.” Continue reading