French Toast a la Food Storage!

French toast is truly one of the most divine foods on earth, and my mom makes the best French toast in the world! I was honestly shocked at how well this recipe converted to food storage ingredients. Made with powdered eggs, wheat flour and powdered milk, we all wolfed it down — just like our usual white toast version. I’m sure the syrup didn’t hurt the taste either! –Mellyn

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Kara’s Bruschetta

– From Kara K.

Kara whipped up this yummy bruschetta for lunch one day out of ingredients we had on hand. It was so tasty, we had to make a second batch! I don’t store this recipe as a meal in my 19×19, but I use it to help rotate my storage. If I find myself with a lot of tomatoes that are approaching expiration (okay — and a lot of times just because I like it), we treat ourselves to Bruschetta for lunch.

I also love to keep the tomato mixture made up in the fridge…it’s good in omelets, along with some cheese and fresh spinach, and delicious as a sandwich filling –just spoon it over your turkey and avocado. Mmmm! –Mellyn 

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