Morning Muffins

It took me a long time to think of a name for these babies. I love them because they add carrots (and Vitamin A) into my food storage. The kids helped me with finding a name. We went from “Two Fuits and a Veggie,” to “Can I just have another?” Okay, the latter was not really a name suggestion, but an uninterested child. We finally picked one and decided as long as the muffin is good, who cares what the name is? Continue reading

Breakfast in a Jar

These began in my kitchen one day when I realized my mornings were too crazy. I decided to plan ahead and made up several jars of pre-measured ingredients for our morning oatmeal. Then in the morning I just bring my water to a boil and pour in the rest! It makes breakfast so easy I can do it with a baby in my arms, and one hanging hungrily on each leg too!
Weeks later I discovered that if I made pretty layers in my jars, they make a great gift for a new mommy or someone not feeling well. I used to just take dinner to families in need. Now I can add breakfast! Continue reading

French Apple Pie

This pie is a cross between a pie and a crisp. It’s so good, I couldn’t even get the picture taken before a slice was gone! Don’t be put off by the GIGANTIC list of ingredients. With an oatmeal crust you can press into the pan, this dessert comes together really quickly. Even my father-in-law, who’s not a big pie fan, enjoyed it!  –Mellyn

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Cheesy Apple Muffins

Going without cheese is no option for our family.  My grandfather loved cheese so much he would put it in his morning oatmeal.  I guess you could say grandpa was the inspiration for these muffins.  They are full of apples, but the cheese makes them awesome and adds variety to the kinds of things my food storage brings to my breakfast table.  Yes, I spend the extra money on freeze-dried cheeses, but I shop the sales and stock up when I find it for $15-$20 a #10 can.  I also feel $40 a can is too much, but when things are on sale, I can justify a lot.

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Don’t Forget Lunch!

Sometimes I get caught up in planning dinner and I overlook lunch.  But when noon rolls around, lunch never seems to get overlooked by the toddlers in our house.  They know before anyone that lunch must come and SOON.  Planning a lunch recipe might seem silly when slapping PB&J on bread is a natural reaction to the toddler tug on the pant leg, but having the recipe in your plan ensures that you will have enough in your storage when the need is there.