Lightning Bread

¬†One of my college roommates made a tasty bread that didn’t contain yeast. I decided to try and replicate her recipe, using a combination of baking soda and baking powder in place of the yeast in one of my favorite white bread recipes. We proclaimed it a success — especially if you need bread fast. From mixing bowl to table, this recipe takes less than an hour! –Mellyn

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Whole Wheat Baking Mix

I am not usually a “mix” kind of girl, but I have some tried and true “Bisquick” recipes that I reach for in a time pinch. I created this concoction so even when I want to use wheat I can still go for my easy recipes. Don’t worry! If you aren’t a wheat person this recipe is still very valuable. Just use white flour in place of the wheat and you have a cost saving alternative to high priced brand names. Continue reading

Minty Friendship Cocoa

Hot cocoa is one of my favorite treats on a cold, snowy day. My mom used to make us hot cocoa for breakfast and serve it with warm biscuits and honey butter. Mmmm! I can taste it all over again. It sure did warm a kid before heading out to stand in the cold wind while waiting for the school bus! How I would have LOVED to take a cup of this with me to the bus.

Thank goodness it’s more portable now, with the invention of disposable insulated cups with lids! The lids help my kids drink it without so many spills right in my home, too!
And my version of cocoa has a smooth mint that literally melts right in your cup — with or without a lid! Continue reading