Powdered Cheese Sauce

Powdered Cheese Sauce is not my first choice in the world for storing cheese for my recipes, but it does have its benefits. First, I purchased this can for $22.00. The can itself states that it is reconstituted in a water:powder ratio of 4:1. This can had 10 cups of powder in it. That would make 40 cups of cheese sauce for $22.00. BUT I found that a water:powder ratio of 2:1 was more appropriate when I was trying to add it to recipes. 4:1 was just too watery. It was hard to work with it that thin. So that makes 20 cups of cheese sauce for $22.00.
Now lets talk fresh for a minute. The local grocery store I shop at periodically has 8 oz. bags of shredded cheese or 8 oz. bricks of cheese on sale for $1.99. When it goes to this price I stock up my refrigerator and usually don’t have to buy again until I find it on sale again. 8 oz. of fresh cheese is approximately 2 cups shredded. That makes fresh shredded cheese $1.00 a cup.
Back to powdered cheese sauce. The price I paid for 20 cups of cheese sauce is very comparable to buying fresh. It has a long shelf life, and I could probably find it discounted if I watch the sales. So why is this NOT my #1 pick? I found it difficult to substitute in any cheese recipe. I have to do more than just hydrate and add. It doesn’t work just like fresh cheese. My family noticed every time I used it instead of fresh shredded cheese.
There were a few success stories in all my attempts. I will not lie to you. This is a great way to make macaroni and cheese. It is also good for casseroles and soups. So it’s not my #1 choice, but it is my #2, and I will continue to store this version of cheese as long as I have kids in my home requesting mac ‘n cheese for lunch.