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January 2012  New Year Resolution  - This year I have many new year resolutions, don’t we all?  But my biggest one pertains directly to food storage.  I want to transform my food storage into the lightest, most compact, cheapest form that my family will still eat with a smile.  This may take me more than a year to transform my food storage completely, but this is my newest ambition.  What is yours?

Dec 5, 2011  We love food storage!  About four years ago Mellyn’s husband and mine were in a meeting at church with some leadership.  They were being taught a little about the importance of food storage. Someone pointed out that it was not much more than a century ago when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recommended a storage of up to seven years of food!  Mellyn’s husband promptly turned to mine and said, “Whatever you do.  Don’t tell the wives!”

Of course times have changed and we don’t all live on farms.  I am grateful for food storage, but I am also grateful for the ability to 19X19 and not needing 50X50.

Nov 21, 2011  A few years ago we had a chance to accompany my husband on a 5-week training course.  I decided to try to save money on food and test my food storage abilities, by packing and taking food storage meals with us and only eating them for the 5 weeks.  I picked 7 meals and took enough food storage to make each meal 5 times.  I learned something valuable.

Not everyone LOVES tuna!  Although I could probably make a sandwich that everyone in my family would eat, I was enlightened to see that we don’t really care for it.  You see, two of my recipes used a can or two of tuna as the protein.  We made the first recipe the first week as the recipe was written.  That night it took a long time to get the food actually eaten.  I have good eaters.  My kids will get almost anything down because my wonderful husband is steadfast in, “Your mother put time into making it.  You will show her love and appreciation by eating it.”  So we ate it, and there were few complaints, but it was a SLOW process.  Even my husband and I had difficulties with this meal.  The next time we had a tuna recipe scheduled, I just left the tuna out.  Sure our meal was lacking in protein, but everyone was happier.  Each week following I just left out the tuna.  Would this be a problem to not eat protein once a week?  No, but 2 of my meals relied on this canned protein, and after 5 weeks we were really starting to feel the effects of not having protein 3 times a week (I had another meal that was just protein free to start).  So do you see where I’m going?  Instead of eating what we didn’t love.  We just bypassed it.  I honestly believe in an emergency I probably would have done the same.  Do I store tuna now?  Nope! Even if it is cheap.  Why spend any money on something we won’t eat?  And if we won’t eat it, how will I ever rotate it?  This is why I encourage you to make meal plans out of recipes you have tried and really, really like.  Because not everyone LOVES tuna.

Oct 11, 2011  Growing up, food storage was a way of life! Grandma stored everything. My cousins and I could tell you stories about eating Cheerios featuring athletes from the 1984 Olympics well into the late 1990′s. I don’t think I need to tell you those Cheerios tasted a little funny. But they sure filled the need when we needed.

I am grateful for all my Grandmother taught me about food storage. I am even grateful for learning the importance of using my food storage, BEFORE it tastes a little funny!

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  1. Hey, looking into more lightweight stuff too. What are you interested in so far? We’ve sampled a couple of companies and not settled on anything yet.

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