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Using Bean Flour: In response to your numerous requests for more detailed info on the bean flour thing, I’m spellin’ out the nitty gritty! I DO NOT recommend this “quick” method for kidney beans. For more on that, click here.

  •  I’ve been grinding my beans in a Nutrimill grinder, but most mills should be able to handle dry beans. Just adjust your settings to accommodate the bigger size. In my Nutrimill, this means I flip the top knob to “Low” and then turn the lower knob (that adjusts the fineness) until I can hear the beans begin to grind. For navy or black beans this is right around 1 o’clock.
  •  I grind about 2 cups and then put it in a quart jar in my cupboard. That way, when I’m ready for bean flour, it’s ready for me!
  •  I’ve been substituting butter, shortening and oil directly. If the recipe says 1/4 cup butter, I make 1/4 cup of bean “stuff,” using a 1:4 ratio. 1 part bean flour to 4 parts water — so to make that 1/4 cup, I’d use 1 tablespoon of bean flour and 1/4 cup water.
  • Whisk the bean flour and water together and then microwave for 30 seconds. Repeat those steps for a total of 2 minutes in the microwave, whisking each time. I’ve noticed if I’m making 1/2 cup it often needs 30 seconds to 1 minute longer in the microwave to thicken. You’re aiming for the same consistency you’d get if you blended a can of un-drained beans.
  • For eggs, I’m using about 1/2 cup per egg, which should be too much, but it’s working fine. I’m sure a bit less would work well, too. 1/4 cup is closer to the actual substance you’d get from an egg.

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