Why I Like to Make Bread

When I got married we registered for a bread machine.  To my delight we received the perfect model, at least in my mind it was.  I got very excited and bought a mix to try it out.  I was very disappointed at the “door stop” I produced and wondered if bread making was for me.  With the help of my sweet mother-in-law I obtained a few books on how to make great bread in a bread machine and homemade bread in general.  It took a few more tries, but I was soon making all kinds of bread.  A co-worker in those early years told me I would lose interest as “the honeymoon” would end. She felt I wouldn’t need to impress my husband anymore after those first few months, and I would have more important things to do than cook bread.  She couldn’t have been more wrong.

I truly enjoyed my bread machine and wore out three pans as I cooked and cooked bread.  I used it for every kind of dough possible and never thought I would use anything else.  I loved using the delayed timer and having fresh cooked bread for dinner a couple nights a week.

As far as I can figure, my honeymoon must have never come to an end. Either that, or I just have a constant desire to keep my hubby happy.  For whatever reason, I continue to make my own bread.  I no longer use my bread machine (I sure miss that baby).  Our family size is just too big for making one loaf at a time.  But with the separation from the machine, I have learned about all kinds of different doughs and how to make them work.  One thing I am convinced of now is this:  I have more important things to do with my time than to constantly run to the store for bread.  How much bread we eat shifts with each week.  But when I can whip up a batch of bread for lunch in the morning and have it great for the next few days to a week, depending on our menu, there is no reason to run and run and run.  Plus fresh homemade bread for lunch smothered in butter and honey. . . you can’t buy that at the store no matter how often you run.  Also I like to pull off enough dough from my batch to make fresh rolls for dinner, or fresh “scones” as my mom calls them.  Bread dough is so versatile.   A large batch can be made into many things.

A great perk is coming home after a long trip and not having to go right the store the next morning for bread.  (Powdered milk also keeps me from running to the store so much).   Making bread is worth my time, for it gives me time, not to mention it saves me money.  Sure we buy an occasional loaf, but I love the ability to make the bread we need.  Every day.  Not just in an emergency.

Fresh homemade bread is just so good.  It is my number two weakness, number one being chocolate.  I think I will stop typing now and go start a batch!

If you are new to the bread making world and need some help, let me know.  I know the “door stop” phase, and I can help you get past it. I am no expert, but I love to cook it anyway.

Make your Holiday Shopping Count

1, 2, 3, 4, How many cans of sweetened condensed milk do you need to buy for your holiday treats?

5, 6, 7, 8, Is 25 pounds of flour enough for your Christmas cookies?

9, 10, 11, Do you make more than one batch of fudge in December?  Do you need more than one can of marshmallow cream?

As you shop this holiday for your kitchen you will be answering similar questions.  You will have to figure out how much to buy in order to buy. Might I suggest you add a little math trick to your counting and make your list truly count this year?

Try multiplying all of your answers to questions like these by two.  That’s right.  I mean whenever you come across a list that tells you to by X amount of cans of this or bags of that, buy twice as much.  One for this year and one for next.  Next year you can use the one you “stored” this year and buy just one new one for the following year.  It is that simple.  Just a little extra today and we have created food storage!

Now, if you are not one of the millions of us on a tight budget this year and you can afford a little more, let me encourage you to take a moment and contemplate how much brown sugar, powdered sugar, or other baking items, you may use in a whole year.  Try buying as much as you can now to fill this amount.  It is a great time to stock up on these items as they are all on sale at about any grocery store. Then you won’t need to worry about buying them again until next year when they are on sale once more.


Congratulations to JJOY!!!!!

Congrats goes to JJOY this month.  She is the winner of our December drawing!

Each month we will draw a winner from our subscribers.  This month JJOY has won a #10 can of Freeze Dried Tomato Dices.  These she can use and enjoy and maybe help her get a taste of what her family likes.

To enter our drawing next month, simply subscribe to follow our blog.  Once you are a subscriber you will be entered into the drawing each and every month.  You need to just follow us for a chance to win your own food storage goodies.

What’s on Your Christmas List?

What do you want for Christmas? With the Holidays coming, this question comes up a lot! This is a great thing to think about, and while you’re thinking, might I suggest including something fun to help in cooking your food storage?

I have a wonderful husband who takes care of our monetary needs.  He plans for the future and is great at saving pennies.  All of these things are wonderful, but buying large appliances has been a struggle for him.  He doesn’t feel they are “romantic gifts.”  Plus they’re a bit of an investment.  Thank goodness for my mother-in-law!

Right from the begining of our marriage she saw my draw to food storage and has always given me the best books and gifts to help me learn and grow.  I have relied on her gifts for most of my grinding, using, storing and rotating needs.  She’s happy to help us with these gifts because she feels what we are doing is important, and she loves us.

Maybe you won’t get the coveted Blendtec you’ve been dreaming of, but if you let others know you’re trying to learn and grow in the area of food storage they might have a wheat grinder you could use for a while until you can afford your own Nutrimill.  It never hurts to think food storage when you’re making your list!

How are YOU doing?

Did you pick a recipe and commit to store it last week? If you did. Good for you! For those of you who didn’t. . . What’s holding you back? I’ve heard from some who are uncertain what recipes CAN be stored. So let’s take things a little slower. Let’s go back to your list of what you eat. Making a list is truly your first step. What will your family eat? Pick something you really like. Pick something easy or pick something cheap to store –but pick something that will be eaten by your family without a lot of complaining.

If you don’t have a recipe that can be made from food storage as is, we can help! Leave us a comment, and we’ll help you find shelf-stable options for your recipes. If you’re still in the exploration phase of finding recipes the family will eat, then just stay with us. Over the next few weeks we have some great recipes, with great ingredients, that will really open your eyes to the world of food storage.

While you’re exploring, keep notes. Write in your binder. What was good? What was bad?Keep track of it all until you find a meal to start with.

When you look at a recipe, try to see it with “food storage eyes.” As you read it ask yourself, “How can I make this totally with food storage?” Look at each ingredient and consider the food storage option. “Is making homemade tortillas easy for me?” “Will I take the time to grind my beans into flour? Or should I just store Canola Oil?” “Do I want to have a #10 can of powdered cheese? Or would I rather have the convenience of Kraft Mac and Cheese on my shelf?”

Don’t worry. There isn’t a wrong answer to any of these questions. I’ve personally answered all of these questions differently depending on my stage of life. When I’m pregnant and/or nursing ’round the clock, cold cereal is high on my food storage breakfast list. Before a move, I often regret the convenience foods I stocked in my freezer. (My son still won’t eat chicken pot pie with out going on and on about the freezer full we ate once before a move!) My answers change and so will yours. The way you food storage and what you food storage will change over the years, and this is a good thing.

Don’t worry about making the “best” choice or the “right” choice. Make “a” choice. Pick a recipe and let’s get started.  Choose to store, and we’ll guide you through it.


Let’s Get Some Grub

Food Storage 101 gives some basic explanations and guidelines to get you started with your food storage, and you’ve seen some great recipes made from food storage here –but if the thought of actually choosing 19 meals and getting them stored in your cupboard is making you crazy, never fear! We’re going to break it down and help you make all your food storage dreams come true!

And there’s no time like the present! So let’s get started!

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