Maple Doughnuts

The bakery in my hometown makes the most delicious maple bars! So of course I had to figure out how to make them myself. After several tries, I opted for doughnuts over bars simply because it was hard to get the insides of the bars cooked without burning the outsides. We also opted for a little healthier, half-wheat version of the dough that is light enough my kids weren’t sure it had wheat in it! The maple glaze was the tricky part. Several pounds of powdered sugar later I was finally satisfied. Now I can have a bit of heaven no matter where we live! –Mellyn

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Blueberry Sweet Rolls

I adore bread — whether it’s a honey wheat loaf, garlic breadsticks or doughnuts. But even in the bread category, I have my favorites – and sweet rolls definitely top the list. These blueberry rolls are mildly sweet without being overpowering. Soft and delicious, they satisfy my need for comfort food every time! –Mellyn

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Date Bars

The best place to find easy recipes with simple basic ingredients is my grandmother’s recipe box. As the wife of a dairy farmer she cooked with what she had and that is what her recipes call for. I loved her cooking as a child and I am still looking toward her, through her recipes, for advice!
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Great Pumpkin Cookies

Delicious and reasonably healthy — these are chocolate chip cookies Charlie Brown (and every other kid) will love. As the Mom I love them, too. They freeze well, and (dare I admit?!) we ate them for breakfast last week. Picky boy was all about that!  – Mellyn

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Bean?! Biscuits

They’ll never know! Since the shortening has been replaced with beans, these biscuits have all of the comfort and none of the guilt! Why would I do such a thing?! Two reasons. First, although shortening is shelf stable, it only lasts about 2 years from the date of manufacture (according to the Crisco website). Dry beans last 30+ years! Second, shortening is horrible health-wise. Using beans eliminates nearly 50 calories and 5 grams of fat per biscuit, while dumping the hydrogenated fat and boosting calcium, potassium, iron and fiber.

For more info about my bean “experiments,” be sure to read Bonkers for Beans!

– Mellyn 


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