Clam Chowder

Another staple from my one great cook! I personally don’t like clams, but my husband LOVES them. I just discreetly remove a bowl of this for myself out of the family pot BEFORE I add the clams. Then no one is any wiser that my dish is different. I don’t have to eat clams, but I don’t need to make my kids think they shouldn’t either. I like to let them decide on their own!  Recipe from Karen. Continue reading

Whole Wheat Baking Mix

I am not usually a “mix” kind of girl, but I have some tried and true “Bisquick” recipes that I reach for in a time pinch. I created this concoction so even when I want to use wheat I can still go for my easy recipes. Don’t worry! If you aren’t a wheat person this recipe is still very valuable. Just use white flour in place of the wheat and you have a cost saving alternative to high priced brand names. Continue reading

Robin’s Scalloped Potatoes

Growing up, the best way to store potatoes was in your cellar, or as my grandma called it, “The fruit room.” The fruit room was always cooler and lower than the main level of your house, and you just stocked up on potatoes in the fall and ate them all winter. After being married for a while, we moved to a tropical climate, and I discovered that trick doesn’t work everywhere. At one time I couldn’t keep a fresh potato in my house for more than 3 days before it was completely inedible! That’s when I found dehydrated potatoes! I love how they go just about anywhere, and I never have to peel! They are relatively cheap and come in many forms — sliced, diced, shredded and flakes. Bring on the dehydrated potatoes! Continue reading

Cheesy Apple Muffins

Going without cheese is no option for our family.  My grandfather loved cheese so much he would put it in his morning oatmeal.  I guess you could say grandpa was the inspiration for these muffins.  They are full of apples, but the cheese makes them awesome and adds variety to the kinds of things my food storage brings to my breakfast table.  Yes, I spend the extra money on freeze-dried cheeses, but I shop the sales and stock up when I find it for $15-$20 a #10 can.  I also feel $40 a can is too much, but when things are on sale, I can justify a lot.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

You really don’t need a lot of chocolate chips in these muffins to give you the chocolate you crave.  Mellyn taught me that if you reserve a few from the recipe to sprinkle on top it really makes a huge difference.  Not only do they look more chocolate packed, they actually taste it too!
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