Salsa Egg Bake

Although this recipe doesn’t actually call for Salsa “inside” it. I feel it is a must to be served with it. This makes it a winner on our table. The littler mouths can eat it with ketchup if they think my latest version of salsa is too hot and I can still have the spice of salsa on mine! Continue reading

School Chili-burgers – ADD LINK TO BUNS

The PTA at my Elementary school used to make a version of this recipe to sell to kids at lunch time for fund raising. The potatoes in the recipe really cut down the amount, and therefore the cost, of the ground beef. Here it really stretches my dollar as freeze dried ground beef is no where close to cheap, BUT hash brown potatoes are. The sauce on these is by far my favorite, though childhood memories may be keeping me a little biased. Continue reading