Dad’s Oatmeal Cake

From Julie L.

Oatmeal cake was my dad’s favorite — and after sampling it a few times in preparation for this post, my whole family understands why. You just can’t get a much richer dessert than this one!  Try the frosting as an ice cream topping or just eat it by the spoonful. It’s pretty hard to resist. Talk about decadent! –Mellyn

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Breakfast in a Jar

These began in my kitchen one day when I realized my mornings were too crazy. I decided to plan ahead and made up several jars of pre-measured ingredients for our morning oatmeal. Then in the morning I just bring my water to a boil and pour in the rest! It makes breakfast so easy I can do it with a baby in my arms, and one hanging hungrily on each leg too!
Weeks later I discovered that if I made pretty layers in my jars, they make a great gift for a new mommy or someone not feeling well. I used to just take dinner to families in need. Now I can add breakfast! Continue reading

Date Bars

The best place to find easy recipes with simple basic ingredients is my grandmother’s recipe box. As the wife of a dairy farmer she cooked with what she had and that is what her recipes call for. I loved her cooking as a child and I am still looking toward her, through her recipes, for advice!
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Oatmeal: It’s what’s for breakfast at my house. I was raised eating many forms of hot cereal, and my kids are no different. Oatmeal is their number one choice, and I am grateful for that. Oatmeal is much less expensive than store-bought cold cereal, and it fills their tummies really well. I mix and add in many things to our breakfast bowls depending on what is in my kitchen, but I also use oatmeal in baked goods. Storing Oatmeal is pretty easy. The LDS church canneries, recommend using it within 5 years if stored in their #10 cans. I also like to store mine in large 6-gallon buckets with mylar bag liners sealed with oxygen absorbers in them, also known to some as “Super Pails.” I store in this form because when I use 3 cups each morning, #10 cans don’t last me a week. However you choose to store this pantry favorite, this week’s recipes will help you eat it!

French Apple Pie

This pie is a cross between a pie and a crisp. It’s so good, I couldn’t even get the picture taken before a slice was gone! Don’t be put off by the GIGANTIC list of ingredients. With an oatmeal crust you can press into the pan, this dessert comes together really quickly. Even my father-in-law, who’s not a big pie fan, enjoyed it!  –Mellyn

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Pumpkin Oatmeal

 One cool, fall evening I was craving pumpkin.  Up until then I usually filled my pumpkin cravings by making pumpkin cookies or pumpkin roll.  A friend mentioned this healthier option for pumpkin, and I was hooked.  This recipe is a great way to fill your kitchen and your mornings with the smell of the fall season.  It also inspired me to look at pumpkin as a healthy food — not just dessert. 
From: Valerie

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