Pass the honey, Honey! Yes, we are corny in our house and yes we say this to each other at the dinner table. We use honey a lot and it is usually on our table. The more I work with honey the better I like it. I use it at Breakfast, lunch, and did I mention dinner?

I have never bought honey in large 5 or 6 gallon buckets. I just buy the biggest and cheapest bottles I can find. Costco serves me well in this area, but as long as the bottle is not to big for me to handle and use I will buy it. I like my honey to be rotated often so I don’t have it crystalize. Although all research available tells me that it doesn’t harm a thing to let it store long term and crystalize, I would rather not have the extra work of melting and getting it out of a large container. Does this mean I have a lot of small bottles of honey in my storage? It depends. To me 25 bottles is nothing when I use it daily. It has never expired and never crystalized. It is always good and ready when I am and easy to pour out of my bottles.

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