Diced Green Chilies

These little cans pack so much flavor into a recipe to give it a southwestern style without a lot of heat. They are so small and so inexpensive. Plus I can make a variety of meals with them.

The last time I stocked up, when they were $.29 a piece, the checker honesty asked, “What are you going to do with all these cans of diced green chilies?” Instead of just laughing to myself, which is my normal reaction to these types of questions, I spouted off a list of almost ten recipes I make with my tiny little cans. I wasn’t trying to stop her short, but for some reason I wanted her to see that my 57 little cans were not going to just sit on my shelf, but be made into wonderful meals for my family.

I wondered, since then,  if I enticed her enough with my recipe list to go buy herself a few cans? Hopefully this weeks recipes may just entice you.

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