Carrots — Not just for Bugs Bunny

I’ve heard carrots mockingly described as rabbit food. And let’s face it, Bugs Bunny didn’t exactly de-bunk that idea. But whether you consider yourself a fan of “rabbit” food or not, carrots should really be included in your diet (fresh whenever possible!) and your food storage plan!

Loaded with Vitamin A, carrots are traditionally associated with healthy vision. While carrots won’t improve your vision, they have been shown to help maintain your vision and prevent cataracts. Sound good to me!

In addition, carrots help protect your heart by cleaning up free radicals, that are connected with cancer and heart disease. Carrots are also relatively cheap and easy to store. And they’re naturally sweet and add a punch of color to your cooking, too!

So whether you’re looking for the health benefits or aesthetics, carrots are a great option for your storage plan. –Mellyn 

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