This Week’s Ingredient? Spaghetti Sauce…

Pre-made spaghetti sauce…it’s a luxury item, true, but one I choose not to live without! I used to make all of my sauces from scratch (and still do occasionally). But since several of our favorites use this ingredient, it’s easy for me to rotate it, and I love the added convenience.

The first few times I bought sauce from the store, I shelled out the big bucks for the fancy brands. It should taste better if it’s more expensive, right? On a whim, I bought a case of cheap spaghetti sauce — because it was cheap. I figured if it was nasty, we could doctor it into something edible. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my 20 cent cans of spaghetti sauce tasted exactly like the more expensive brand I’d been buying! For me, it’s the flavor that makes all the difference. I don’t care for traditional or meat flavor in any brand. Our favorite? Four cheese…of whatever brand is the cheapest. –Mellyn

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